Sendeiro de Pescadores Río Miño-Tamuxe - O ROSAL

Natural interest / Landscape interest

From Eiras Beach the pathway leads to the River Tamuxe Recreational Area, where we can contemplate the ruins of a large steam sawmill and the Aceñas Mill.

This enclave belongs to the Natura 2000 network and consists of a natural ecosystem of great beauty and interest made up of riverside forests, reeds, rushes and pine trees, with a great variety of birds that make this habitat an ornithological setting of great interest. 

Large sandy beaches and wonderful views of the River Miño estuary accompany us on the route, which is suitable for the whole family. If you feel like some sport, we would recommend renting a kayak in the area of As Eiras and visiting the little islands halfway over to the Portuguese side, and then sailing up the River Tamuxe.

Access: Take the PO-552 from A Guarda to Tui, until you come to the crossroads with the PO-3303 towards Eiras Beach, in the municipality of O Rosal.

The Ways of St. James: Portuguese Way along the Coast