Igrexa de San Domingos - TUI

The original building was begun around the year 1329. Its plan is a Latin cross with a header and triapsidal central nave of three sections . This church retains the head and cruise Gothic with the tombs of the Sotomayor family of the same style. The nave and the façade are later , neoclassical and baroque style respectively . Protrude inside two magnificent Baroque altarpieces : the greatest work of redondelano Antonio del Villar , the eighteenth century , stands out for its grandeur ; the altarpiece of the Virgen del Rosario , located in the south transept , has a curious representation of the Battle of Lepanto on top . This church and convent - which few remains are preserved - was pantheon of the nobility tudense : Soutomaiores , Correas, Ozores .