Fortaleza de Monterreal - BAIONA

 Monterreal Fortress

The Monterreal Fortress is one of the most important monuments in Baiona. The walled precinct was built between the 11th and 17th century as a defensive device against continuous enemy's attacks. Today the stonewalled area shelters one of the best state hotels in Spain. The entrance door is an 18th-century gate blazoned with the Austrias coat of arms. Look at your left and you will see the Tower of the Clock and the Door of the Sun, dating from the 16th century. The Monte Real Yachting Club is on your right.

A little bit further we find a charming 20th hermitage, granite and wood made, by a wide forest with varied flora. We finally see the Parador facilities. The open sea, the Ocean, the Monteferro peninsula, the America beach and the Cíes and Estelas islands can be seen from this spot.

Walking along the wall to the East we reach the Tower of the Prince, a round-shaped watchtower which used to serve as lighthouse. Near the watchtower the cannons that once defended the town against pirates can be seen.

As charming path is the Monte Boi promenade, which surrounds the Fortress: a bucolic walk to breathe and feel sea breeze.