Calles y Plazas - BAIONA

Diving in the Old Town in Baiona and wandering around the narrow and cobbled streets always bears a nice fruit. At the town centre, specially in the streets next to the port, everything is in harmony: low houses -stone being its basic raw material-, with columns making up tinny porches, rustic fishery houses with wrought iron balconies, high double-leaf windows and shutters.

Among all those alleys, really small squares not noticed until you are in: Padre Fernando Sq., Pedro de Castro Sq. -where a monolith commemorating the Arrival stands- or the wide and open Santa Liberata Sq., in front of the chapel which honours our local martyr.

The rest of the map comprises uniform avenues and well preserved urban areas between the marine front and the way up to the mountains. Modern buildings respect the white and ash colours of the oldest houses.


Characteristics of Squares and gardens

  • Centrica Yes
  • Pedestrian Yes