Sendero fluvial y Litoral - BAIONA

Circular route of 11.4 km in length, with a medium level of difficulty, ideal for people passionate about their nature and contact with the sea.

The start of this tour is located in the tourist office near the beach Ribeira. We walked down the Paseo de Alfonso IX spotting the fishing port and continue parallel to the sea to the beach in Santa Marta.

Upon arrival, we cross the pedestrian crossing and turn right to get into the rise of wooden riverwalk Baiña River, 550 meters, to continue towards the reservoir. Halfway, we turn again to the right to enter into Os Eidos, continuing the walk along the river to reach the highest point of our journey, 250 meters, where we can recover from drinking source close Fontes to picadero horses.

We resume the step to begin the descent towards the second wooden riverwalk in Baredo, with a length of 740 meters. Once the walk route, always parallel to the sea and with due caution, Baiona return to the coast, where we can enjoy the full force of the waves crashing on the rocks. Arriving at rest area descry A spectacular Rocha Cies Islands in the background.

We continue to move toward the breakwater along Mount Samson where, from the top, Virgin of the Rocks accompany us on our way to the beach A Concheira. On the left, will access the cobbled path of Monte Boi promenade that borders the fortress of Monterreal (XI - XVII). In the km 10 will have a fountain to freshen up before reaching the small but paradisiacal beach of Os Frades. We continue the walk to get back to our starting point.

Length: 11.4 km.

Type of trail: Circular.

Difficulty level: Medium.

Calzada: surface combining wood and asphalt.

Maximum altitude: 250 m.

Elevation gain: 286 m.

Estimated loss of calories: 850 calories.



Characteristics of Walking routes

  • Distance of the entire route 11,5 km
  • Circular route Yes
  • Difficulty level Medium