Ruta del Monte Faro - ISLAS CIES

The route of Mount Faro offers one of the most spectacular of the Cies Islands and the Vigo estuary views. It is probably the longest of the islands and also the most popular route.


Once in Cies , we start the route in the information booth , following the path to the left and then cross the dyke linking the North Island ( or Monteagudo ) with Middle Island ( or Faro) . In this dam , if we look towards the lake and the water visibility permits, we can see the great variety of fish , shellfish and algae.

Once on the island of O Faro , we pass by the campsite and reach the Interpretation Centre of Nature , where we can better understand the natural and cultural values ​​of the park. About 300 meters further along the beach of Nosa Lady, find the main intersection of this island. We need to take the right path and begin the climb to the lighthouse , by a zigzag path from which you can see the third island of Saint Martin , the third of the Cies Islands.

A half ascent to Mount Faro , on the right , is the curious Pedra da Campa, perforated by Atlantic winds laden with saltpetre . 100 meters later we will find a bird observatory from which we can contemplate the patiamarilllas thousands of gulls nesting on cliff s and even a group of shags who prefer the areas closest to the sea to make their nests . Also from here we enjoy stunning views of the lake and the beach of Rhodes

Returning to the main road , we continue climbing to the summit of Mount Faro, where the most emblematic of the Cies Islands gazebo find . From there we have a full view of the Cies Islands : the three islands , cliffs , beaches and all the Vigo estuary

Returning can connect with Route A Porta Lighthouse . According going down , about 200 meters before reaching the junction that leads to the bird observatory , we find a detour to the right to access that take second lighthouse.


The upper area of ​​the island just have trees or shadows , so in summer it is recommended to protect against the sun.

Characteristics of Nature routes

  • Travel Ida y vuelta
  • Distance of the entire route 7 kms, 3 hours
  • inhabited areas No
  • Tips conducting path In a day of heat, sun protection