Ruta del Faro de A Porta - ISLAS CIES

This route is a journey through the southernmost coast of the island of O Faro. This trail is less well known and traveled the route of Mount Faro, and allows a view of the islands closest to the sea.


Arriving at the information booth of the Cies Islands have to take the road on the left and head towards the dyke linking the island of Monte Agudo with O Faro Island. In reaching this second island we will continue along the main road leaving aside the campsite and bird observatory. We go into the pine forest and soon will go out to the coast, next to the beach of Nosa Lady. There we will find a crossroads where we take the track to continue straight, leaving the beach to our left.

The road continues along the south coast of the island of O Faro by its lower part and take us to the pier Carracido. From here the road begins to climb slightly to the lighthouse of A Porta. From this point we can enjoy panoramic views over the island of Saint Martin, the southernmost archipelago of the Cies Islands, and the only one not connected with regular shipping services.

This natural route A Porta Lighthouse is connected halfway to the route that ascends to Mount Faro.

Characteristics of Nature routes

  • Distance of the entire route 6 km, 2 hours
  • inhabited areas No