Ruta de Monte Agudo - ISLAS CIES

The route of Monte Agudo is a natural walk through the forests of the Cies Islands.

We begin the tour at the information booth next to the pier, taking the road out to the right, toward the beach Figueiras. When you reach a crossroads we go straight to the foot of Monte Agudo high. Then, on a fork, turn left to head to a bird observatory with views of the rugged coastline of the islands, facing the ocean. This is an ideal place to see hundreds of seagulls that populate the Cies Islands.

From that observatory also we have a good view of the Cies Islands and the neighboring coast of O Morrazo. Then we can go back a bit along the way followed to the observatory and turn left to get closer to the lighthouse of O Peito, the point of the islands closest to the mainland. From there you can see the island of Ons, at the entrance of the Pontevedra estuary, which is another of those that make up the National Park.

This is a short journey that takes place largely wooded area, leaving exposed only at its end. In addition, there are outstanding botanical elements such as fennel and herb armeria or love.

Characteristics of Nature routes

  • Distance of the entire route 5 km, 2 hours