Playa a Lamiña - A GUARDA

Following the privileged natural environment that forms the mouth of the River Minho is the beach of the sheet forming together with the Muíño and Armona the coastline . It is ideal for the development of sports activities , for example has a beach volleyball court . In his sand relaxation courses ( tai -chi and yoga) are held during the summer months . The Lamiña like Muíño the beach is surrounded by a pine forest offers rest and shade , plus picnic areas .


Address to the parish of Camposancos , by the PO -352 road and then you have to take the detour to the right where it is already indicated in a signal to Camposancos and other beaches . A little more than a mile the left turn out as Playa La Lamiña and Playa La Armona is caught .

ACCESSIBILITIES : By car or on foot

Characteristics of Beaches

  • blue flag No